Indigo Orca

It was great to get the brushes and watercolours out for this logo design. Full website and promotional material to come.

Whoop! Fitness & Wellbeing

This full branding project for my wife’s dance fitness and wellbeing classes included everything from logo to promo material, to uniforms, to car graphics to promo photos etc etc. Check it out here:

Sew It All Logo & Vinyl

Logo design applied to another classic mini. Big fan of the green & purple combo!

Youth Sound

Logo, Social Media Promo & Event Flyers for ‘Youth Sound‘.

The Lantern Coffee House

The Lantern Coffee House is a new tea and coffee house in Raynes Park, London. I really enjoyed working with this team creating their logo, business cards, loyalty cards, flyers, website, signage, photography and consulting on the interior design. Check out the site at:

Glam Africa Logo

This fashion magazine showcases African fashion & style.

The Old Rugby Label Logo

‘The Old Rugby Label’ is a new clothing brand. Watch this space for links once items go on sale.

Packer Heating Website

This website and logo for Packer Heating & Plumbing features a video background of the inside of a boiler. See it in action at:

Stories from the beginning.

This logo is for a new video series from Andy & Jo Frost. Available soon.

Branding Package for Pride PT

This branding project for Pride Personal Training included the logo, promotional materials as well as a website:

Lucky Se7en Streetwear Logo

This logo turned shopfrontage was created for Lucky Se7en Streetwear in Lymington along with posters, flyers and clothing tags.

Acts Now Tour Flyer

This flyer and logo was designed for SJI for their upcoming tour. I really enjoyed creating and using this 80’s colour palette.

Harbour Barbecue Logo

This logo was designed for Harbour Barbecue in the US of A. Makes me hungry just thinking about it!

Crunch Studios Logo

This logo has been designed for CRUNCH Studios. They provide great music rehearsal facilities in Carshalton, Surrey.


/THOUGHTS magazine for young people by SJI is combining it’s FRESH Leadership brand with it’s magazine to make a new online magazine. This new logo brings together these brands.

Four Seasons Flyers

These flyers were designed for Four Seasons, Pets & Wildlife. They are printed on 100% recycled paper using environmentally friendly vegetable based inks to keep inline with the key brand values.

Carey’s Cakes

This unique Bake in the Box Cake was designed for Carey’s Cakes. The project included the logo used on the side of the box and ribbons as well as the design of the gift tags, labels and instruction scroll.

Business Cards

Here are a selection of business cards deigned and printed for a range of clients.

Belle Flower Design Logo

This logo was created for use on business cards for this new Dorset based company.